No Primary Training Courses are presently scheduled.

Required Documents

  1. GMI Application Form.
  2. Proper documentation of bachelor’s degree or equivalent. If applicant has not earned a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, the applicant’s acceptance into the training program shall be taken on a case to case basis.
  3. Personal resume.
  4. Autobiographical essay (please include reasons why you wish to take the training and future goals).
  5. Three recommendation letters.

Application Process

  1. Fill out and return GMI Application Form along with the required documents via e-mail to
    Please send all required documentation as PDF in one e-mail.  Or, mail all documents to:

    405 Tanyard Road
    Greenville, SC 29609

  2. If you are accepted you will receive an acceptance letter and your registration fee will be due at that time. Payment details will be provided along with the acceptance letter.

Note - You will not be registered until your registration fee has been received.

Note - No credits from any other institution are officially transferred.  GMI also makes No guarantee that credits earned at GMI will transfer to any other institution.


Registration fee:  $250 USD (Due on or before July )

1st semester: $4000 USD (Due on or before July )
2nd semester: $4000 USD (Due on or before June )
3rd semester: $1000 USD (Due on or before June )

Final exam fee: $250 USD (Due on or before July )

AMI membership for one year: Included

Consider book and material costs of approximately $600 USD.

Note - Students may also pay monthly with a required $100 USD set up fee due with the first installment in September.

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